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Torrevieja has grown from a small fishing village to the town that it has become today, based initially on salt production and more recently tourism – so in this blog we explore Torrevieja, activities indoor and outdoor, day and night, where, what and how to do etc.

Torrevieja is home to more British nationals than any other Spanish municipality but is also very cosmopolitan, providing holidays and homes for Scandinavians, Germans, Irish and of course the Spanish themselves.

Doubtless those of each nationality, who have chosen to make a home there, regret the annual influx of their fellow nationals on holiday.

Console yourselves with the thought that without (in the words of Hillary Clinton) “the deplorables” Torrevieja might remain a sleepy little fishing village with scant facilities. Far be it from me to rub more salt into the wound!

Read on and find out the best places to stay, to eat, to party, to relax and much more.



Torrevieja is located 55 Kms south by the coast road from Alicante, the location of the closest international airport and is served by an airport shuttle service that runs regularly throughout the day.

Location – Map Courtesy of Via Michelin


Like the rest of the Costa Blanca Torrevieja weather is pretty much ideal with 300+ days of sunshine and cooling sea breezes.

Ave daily temp Mar 14ºC, sea temp 15ºC and 9 hrs sunshine
Ave daily temp Oct 20ºC, sea temp 22ºC and 9 hrs sunshine 
More details here: -


Cars can be hired at the airport from all the established hire companies or locally from

Centauro Car Rental
Coys Rent a Car

And you may want to try these who we have found always to be both competitive and efficient: –



If you want to be pampered on your holiday then probably a hotel is the best solution however if you prefer more privacy and independence and want a “home from home” then renting an apartment or villa with a private pool is the best choice,(or even camping)- whichever, Torrevieja has it all in abundance.


Self catering allows you more space, more privacy, your own kitchen etc to prepare your own meals and probably a private pool, in addition Torrevieja’s supermarkets cater for both local and international tastes so, whilst enjoying great fresh fish and local specialities you will not miss those favourites that you and the family are used to at home.

Try Mercadona and Dialprix supermarkets for great quality and variety.

There are literally hundreds of rental portals advertising thousands of properties for rent and to list them all would be ridiculous however, in addition to the major internationals like, trip advisor,, airbnb etc. below is a brief selection of local rental agencies: –

Spain Holiday


Casa Mundo

 Holiday lettings


Alannia Costa Blanca

And if you want to keep the costs to a minimum and are an aficionado of the outdoor you can choose camping or “glamping” Torrevieja has them both.

A couple of the best campsites are these: –

  • Camping Internacional Las Palmeras – a little inland from Torrevieja but more peaceful and rural close to Crevillente
  • Alannia Costa Blanca resort – again near Crevillente this 5 star resort has a wonderful water park
  • Camping Lo Monte – located in Pilar de la Horadada just 1 km from the beach


La Zenia Hotel by Servigroup

While reviewing hotels in, or adjacent to, Torrevieja I decided to skim through some of the reviews that my favourite hostelries had received.

What did I learn? Principally the truth of that old adage “one man’s meat is another’s poison.”

There are some features that are pretty much on everyone’s list as desirable, cleanliness, decent service and a proper breakfast. Beyond those it is up to you to do your research to ensure that your chosen establishment measures up to your peccadillos.

That said if you’re looking for inspiration take a look at these: –

Servigroup La Zenia Hotel – literally on the beach

Señorío De Punta Prima – very comfortable rooms and good access to the beach but too large for me and from the outside a bit of a modern concrete excrescence

Sea Senses Apartments – stunning infinity pool and terrace with its own bar and close to Punta prima beach

7A hostal – very close to the marina so a good place to fall into after a week cruising and living aboard, hot showers and clean linen, yeah!

Doña Monse Hotel Spa & Golf – a little closer to luxury with a pool, a spa and a gym

Whichever option you choose, hotel or self catering, one thing is certain, you’ll have a wonderful time in Torrevieja.



Torrevieja Market – Photo by Costa Blanca Guide

Being a typical man I try to avoid this type of activity and only succumb when bullied.

Nevertheless, simply as a matter of information, I have listed a few below that my “better half” assures me are absolutely wonderful. Well it takes all sorts!


  • Dialprix supermarket Torreblanca, Calle Ulises, 1. They sell many UK products like “Marmite” that are unavailable elsewhere.
  • Consum supermarket Av. Diego Ramírez Pastor, 269.
  • ALDI, Av. de las Cortes Valencianas, 1. 

And if you have a late last minute requirement for something you forgot try the  24 hour supermarket shop Z, Av. Dr. Mariano Ruiz Canovas, 4.


  • Tack Torrevieja – Calle Ramon Gallud – 47 mens clothing. 
  • Gerry Weber in Habaneras Shopping Centre – ladies clothing.
  • Bershka in Habaneras Shopping Centre – clothing.
  • Calzados SISI – shoes – Calle José Martínez Ruiz Azorín, 5.
  • Habaneras Shopping Centre – good range of outlets, fun for all the family and a children’s centre


  • The Salon, Av. de la Mancha, 33P. +34 966 70 96 20. Hair stylist.
  • Emma’s hair beauty and nails, Calle Mar Baltico, 69. +34 695 37 25 52


  • Friday Market, Calle María Asunta, 5-7.Food Market & good churros. 
  • Casetas / Mercadillo Torrevieja, Paseo de la Libertad, 16. Flea Market.
  • Mercado Central “La Plasa “, Calle José Martínez Ruiz Azorín. Food.



It is almost impossible to imagine coastal Spain without its plethora of beach bars, each with their own particular speciality and charm. Local food and drink, many genres of music, some less charming than others!

Whatever your particular preference it will not take you long to discover your favourite niche and make it your home.

Paseo Beach Torrevieja, Av. de los Marineros, 14

Marina Niki, puerto Marina Salinas, Local 3 – 4

Beach Bar 103, Av. Desiderio Rodríguez, 33

The Sands, Calle Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Beachfront location, not too crowded

Life Beach Club, Calle de los Corales, 1 The food is not bad for location on Beach.


Nothing too strenuous here so your sense of wellbeing and achievement can be earned 

without succumbing to exhaustion.

On the plus side there is much to be encountered that is of exceptional interest and beauty.

So give yourself a kick up the backside, get out there and breathe in a bit of nature.

Consider how much better you’ll feel about yourself and you’ll certainly deserve that ice cold coke or beer after.

Las Salinas (Pink Lake) Torrevieja – Photo courtesy of Pinterest
  • Parc Natural de Las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja. Ideal for a gentle stroll.
  • The Pink Lake Of Torrevieja, Try a swim, it’s good for your health. Actually it’s no longer permitted so you’ll have to go to the Dead Sea.
  • Parque de las Naciones. Another fine place for an interesting walk.
  • Vía Verde de Torrevieja (Sur) A popular hiking area for a more energetic walk.

And check out this website for lots more great hikes and walks in Torrevieja: –


Torrevieja undoubtedly has many fine qualities but it has to be said that there will be an overflow of those more at home in Benidorm, and they will want to find their type of action.

Nights imbibing Spain’s finest need energetic activities to sweat out the previous nights abuse in preparation for the evening session.

Torrevieja’s entrepreneurs have this well covered as the list below demonstrates.

torrevieja water-sports
  • Torrevieja Jet Boat – book a ride in their Jet boat, take a trip to Tabarca Island, parasail or rent a Jetski
  • La Bocana Water Sport Centre – cable ski, wakeboard, waterski or rent a canoe 
  • Sunset Beach Sailing – motor and sailing boat charter, bareboat or skippered
  • Parasailing Torrevieja – a family of up to 5 can fly together- synchronised terror!   
  • Bubbles Dive Torrevieja – diving experiences and teaching
  • Britannia Powerboat Training – RYA approved training so this is where to get your inshore skippers licence
  • Surf Torrevieja D.C. – join the surf club and learn to stand up on a surf board!
  • Aquapark Flamingo – slides, rides and swimming pools
  • Aquopolis Torrevieja – featuring slides & pools for all ages, plus picnic & relaxation areas 
  • Lo Rufete Adventure Park – horses, donkeys and other animals plus ziplines hamster ball & quad bikes


Photo Alicante today

Spain, particularly the Costa Blanca, has always had a unique reputation for the quality of its golf courses.

Whether for English people, the golf entirely explains the allure of a week of Spanish coastal golf is up for debate.

Doubtless the opportunity to leave the ladies and enjoy a bacchanalian few days with the boys is also influential and whilst it is not my wish to offend anyone, golf is not the “wokest” sport in the world.

In short here’s a list of establishments, at which you will meet the “like minded”; they do say that the only fit company for someone, who has spent the day playing golf, is another golfer!

  • Las Ramblas Golf, Av. Ramblas de Oleza, 37. 18 hole, 72 par golf course and spa with a driving range.
  • Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, Av. de las Colinas, 2. Par 71, 18 hole championship golf course with driving range, putting green and academy.


Sailing is well provided for inTorrevieja with fairly well equipped marinas. Whether one is looking for a few days of cosseted existence, warm water showering and even a comfortable bed, to punctuate your cruising holiday or a permanent berth Torrevieja is definitely on my list.


Hipica San Bruno

Spain has a long standing reputation for fine horses and horsemanship and Torrevieja is no exception.

There are several establishments in the area so if you feel like dumping the kids for a couple of hours riding lessons, giving you some well earned freedom or even developing a few saddle sores of your own, there are opportunities here.

  • Hipica San Bruno – Here you can get tuition in a wide range of equestrian disciplines including lessons for 4 year olds and upwards. Though what the hell “Cowgirl Dressage” is I can’t imagine, but it sounds intriguing. Can I spectate?
  • Picadero y Ganadería “El Trébol”,in Cartagena. Another multi disciplinary teaching establishment. Joining one of their countryside rides it’s an amazing way to enjoy the scenery.


La Playa Blanca


Eating is a serious business so I will confine myself to a couple of suggestions and leave out the tongue in cheek introduction – I hope you will visit and enjoy at least one of these.

El Meson de la Costa –
  • Marmaris- – I love my Turkish food but sorry, no after dinner hookah!
  • Jax Torrevieja – I’ve never tried this restaurant but it claims to do Latin American food, is that Mexican? Beware the chillies!!
  • Florentino Pizza, – no prizes for guessing the house speciality here.  You guessed it, give the man a cigar.
  • El Mesón de La Costa – Spanish food for the aficionado and since you’re here I assume you love it too.


I doubt that holidaymakers flock to Torrevieja for the culture. For that, they might have chosen Madrid, Barcelona, London or New York. But for those, who live there, feeding or perhaps snacking their cultural appetite is possible from time to time.

Let’s hope that the Teatro Municipal de Torrevieja gets its promised refurbishment soon.

  • Bonnie Tyler, Parque Antonio Soria, Torrevieja. On Saturday, 17th July 2021. “Total eclipse of the heart” maybe “Lost in France” not so much!
  • Centro Hipico Villasalada. A dinner evening with a show that brings to life the artistry of flamenco and the Spanish horse and rider. Could anything be more redolent of Spain.
  • Auditorio Internacional de Música. Keep your eye on their programme for 2021, there’s occasionally something unmissable.
  • One theatre you really should try to visit is the Roman Theatre in nearby Cartagena – a wonderful example of a Roman Amphitheatre
teatro romano cartagena


So you finished your holiday in Torrevieja, liked it and want more – thinking of buying a villa or apartment in Torrevieja then read on?

There are literally hundreds of portals dealing with ‘000’s of property sales in Torrevieja and in Torrevieja itself over 100 estate agents so trying to wade your way through all of those is extremely difficult, especially when you have to make allowances for “Estate Agent Lingo and Infoxication”.

That’s where we come in: –

If you like we can help you in making the right selection for your requirements, ensuring the property you choose is legal in every respect, well built, value for money, free of external charges and liens etc.

At Search and Survey Spain we are not estate agents and have no allegiance to any estate agencies. 
Our only interest is finding the right property for you, that the property is legal, well built, value for money and free of any external charges or liens. 
If you like we can help you make the right selection to suit your requirements?

This is our speciality and something we’ve been doing for the last 40 or so years.

Click the link here to visit our website and see what you think? We are happy to give you a call if you want to find out more about us.

Search and Survey Spain Team
The Search and Survey Spain team – from L-R Manu, Chari, Ian, Monica and Manolo.

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