Charles Chevasco

“Ian and Manolo of Search and Survey Spain advised my wife and me against buying a property that proved to be unsuitable both in terms of location and condition .
Thanks to them and with their help we looked elsewhere for the right house.”

Charles Chevasco.

Kim Farthing & Stewart Peck.

“We used SSS and Arquifach services in the design and construction of our house. We selected Manuel Cabrera for his extensive portfolio of work and his many years of experience. Every step of the way Manuel and his team were exceptional. Their ability to guide their clients through every part of the process from design, building applications, technical specifications and project management was second to none.  

Manuel Cabrera went above and beyond to design and deliver our house, nothing was too much trouble and they were always on hand when we had queries or questions.  I would not hesitate to use him again.  Manuel and his team made the whole process stress and problem free. Our house was delivered on time and within budget with excellent post build service and assistance.”

Kim Farthing and Stewart Peck.

Harvey Lee

“Initially I must honestly state in no doubt my experience of dealing with Manolo Cabrera has been most enjoyable, relaxing, and a belief that there are still some professionals performing services vital to the betterment of clients. Spain unfortunately in the past has had a reputation of incorrect business practice. You can be rest assured that with Manolo Cabrera that will not even be considered, and he will lobby on your behalf to ensure you are protected by correct law abiding practice.

Having purchased a piece of land in Les Cucarries area of Calpe with 270-degree views across Calpe with on a clear day views of the Balearic Islands. I needed an Architect to prepare drawings to present to the Calpe Municipality for planning application. My Lawyer who handled the land purchase, recommended I speak to Manolo Cabrera. I contacted him, and we both visited the plot of land, to enable him to get an overall feeling, as well as be able to talk to the planning department of Calpe what was approved to be constructed.

In executing this initial review Manolo was having a problem of access from the road to the villa, and duly agreeing this with the adjacent landholder who needed to agree to a change in land configuration to allow us access to our plot of land. In the end I decided to purchase the plot of land, and we agreed with the planning department that whilst the 2 plots were joined as one, they would be after construction declared, and legally registered as 2 separate plots. Total land area was over 2,000 Square Meters, but as 2 plots had to consider land area for 2 individual dwellings.

By working with Manolo and his team very closely we went through various outline schemes before we developed an outline design that would be acceptable to the planning department in Calpe. The final design for approval was a low profile modern, practical, energy saving design that was in harmony with the area, and the weather conditions that prevail.

The site has an incline of 10 Meters, so a stepped/terraced approach was decided the best way to best use the land profile to meet the design. Therefore, the final design of the property had 4 definite different areas/levels. Highest point facing west so gets late afternoon sun and is protected from the wind from the North. Main entrance, reception/seating, and the 2 main bedrooms with bathroom showers. The next level was the dining, seating, large kitchen, and main covered terrace with arches to match the local style. The next level was the swimming pool, and main outdoor paved terrace. The last level was the indoor garage, TV area, and additional 2 bedrooms, and bathroom. We included rainwater storage to provide for the garden area, along with mains water storage. For our wastewater we installed a bio system which again we used to enhance the watering of the plants. Underground water was found on the plot, but it was 120 meters down, so we decided to review the possible drilling for a well at a later date.

Manolo Cabrera submission to the Planning department was accepted as first submission, and he proceeded to complete all necessary drawings to go out to selected tender of chosen contractors with a reputation of good quality of workmanship, on time performance, and who operated in a professional manner. Manolo Cabrera oversaw this, and them made his recommendations. Once the contract was awarded, and commenced, he, or his representative oversaw the total construction including advising on finishing, and additional contractors, like installation of the large gas holding tank, solar hot water, and solar energy for the property. Manolo Cabrera also got involved in the landscaping to ensure conformity with local laws to meet planning conformity.

On project completion, of all works including the landscaping Manolo Cabrera completed the as constructed drawings for submission to Calpe for registration, which in turn went to Madrid for the Land Registry, which is the requirement for all property over Spain. During the period of owning the property we regularly contacted Manolo Cabrera for advice on alterations for conformity to local planning laws. In 2019 I decided to sell the property, and Manolo Cabrera assisted in providing various documents that are required for the legal transfer of a property from the seller to the buyer.


My experience has been a delight, fun, very professional, and never a question of performance. Manolo Cabrera is a total delight to work with, and provides a standard of assistance that makes the experience minimal stressful for a nonresident in Spain person wishing to construct property. Manolo Cabrera has also worked outside of Spain on a number of major projects, so has a wealth of experience. Yes I would work with him again anywhere globally if the situation arose.”

Harvey Lee

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